Mobile Live Scan Fingerprinting


Lifeline Fingerprinting is approved by the Nevada Department of Public Safety.  Lifeline Fingerprinting uses Live Scan fingerprinting equipment and a certified FBI printer.  This allows us to submit electronic fingerprints directly to the State and/or FBI.  Lifeline Fingerprinting also provides fingerprint cards that can be used for out-of-state processes, as well as other needs for fingerprinting.

  • Behavioral Health Care

  • Board of Accountancy

  • Board of Massage Therapy

  • Board of Nursing

  • Board of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Board of Podiatry

  • Board of Physical Therapy

  • Board of Psychological Examiners

  • Child ID Kits

  • Contractor’s Licensing Board

  • Department of Education

  • Dietary Licensing Board

  • Division of Insurance

  • Document Preparation

  • Gaming Control Board

  • Home Health Care

  • Manufacturing Housing Division

  • Medical Marijuana Establishment Licensing

  • Nevada Transit Authority

  • Post-Secondary Education

  • Private Investigator Licensing Board

  • Private School

  • Real Estate Division

  • Secretary of State

  • State Bar of Nevada

  • Timeshare Sales Agents

These are just some of the agencies Lifeline Fingerprinting is approved to submit to by the Nevada Department of Public Safety.